• Jenny

Our Online Shop is Officially Open!

We are beyond excited to announce the OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF OUR ONLINE SHOP!

For two mommies who are not tech-savvy at all, having a website like this is A DREAM COMES TRUE moment! Special credits go to beautiful mama @artsyyaninvan for absolutely everything she does for us!

We would like to take this opportunity to gratefully thank @artsyyaninvan for the design/layout of our online store, the photoshoots/videos of our bath and body products (aka our babies), the marketing tips for our products, the REBRANDING OF OUR NEW LOGO, and so much more! Did you recognize those illustrations around our new logo are the illustrations of the bath products from our shop? How cute! We hope you will enjoy your online shopping experience with us!

Cheers, Gigi - Zuri's mom, and Jenny - Emma's mom

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