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Our Story

Welcome to our journey!

Zuri and Emma was born out of the love for our girls and the beauty and joy of creating beautiful baby accessories. Blessed to call Metro Vancouver our home, we shared many memorable moments creating and sharing our custom pieces with families who also enjoyed seeing their little ones decked out in cute patterns, lace, florals, and even bow ties!

As our season of life changes with the beauty of motherhood, so has Zuri and Emma. With the same passion for creativity and fun, we started our soap making journey in late 2020, knowing the benefits of having simple and premium ingredients in our skincare products. Soap making is addictive and fun; and we cannot stop ourselves from creating and designing more new products. 

We all have busy lives. It is important to find time to enjoy and take care of ourselves. Outside of our full-time jobs (in addition to mommies’ duties), we find our “me time” through creating and testing these lovely, glamming and cute products. We hope you will find your "me time" when you use our products at bath time!


Gigi - Zuri’s mom & Jenny - Emma’s mom

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About (Our Story & the Team: About
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Meet the Team

We share what we love

About (Our Story & the Team: Meet The Team


The Creator

Gigi is a makeup artist who loves to create and design cute and glamorous products. At Zuri and Emma, Gigi comes up with the best recipes for our bath bombs, creates the cute cupcake, waffle and cake soaps, and more!



The Creator

Jenny loves little craft projects and ideas. As soon as Jenny started making her first soaps, she immediately indulged herself in this new and fun hobby; and could not stop herself from staying up at midnight to start making new batches of soaps, and more!



The Big Big Boss

Zuri is the ultimate big boss behind Zuri and Emma. Every single product creation and design must be approved by Zuri and her bestie Emma. Zuri is one of the main testers of Zuri and Emma's new products!



The Big Big Boss

Emma is another ultimate big boss behind Zuri and Emma. Emma exams and tests every single product along side with Zuri. Products won't be launched without thumbs up from Zuri and Emma!

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